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Mandala silk scarf - Parisian clichès Silk scarf | èvaco art

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The artwork: Parisian clichés 

The Parisian woman is elegant. extremely slim. confident. she always looks effortlessly gorgeous. 

If you’re not the Parisian woman, you want to be like her. But made up of true stories, clichés, and exagérations, nobody is sure if this mythical creature ever existed. Some claim to have seen her in a museum. She was looking bored, even though she loves it there. She was wearing a silk scarf. Just like this one…

This mandala silk scarf is based on the design of the Notre dame rose window. In the place of the stained glass, the artist Evi Michailidou has added clichés and stereotypes of the modern Parisian woman. 

“I filled this mandala-like design with tiny images of the clichés we all know about la Parisienne and took the whole shape out of Notre Dame’s rose window, and to me, the result is a quintessentially Parisian symbol, rid of the glittery touristic Eiffel tower representations that I’m so over with.” says the artist

The silk scarf 

This mandala silk scarf is large enough to wrap hair for sleeping at night, and as a headband during the day. The silk scarf feels smooth and soft when you touch it, cool in summer and warm in winter, and suitable for all seasons. It can be used as a head wrap, beach scarf, neck scarf, necktie, headdress, hand bands, wrist bands, waistbands, hat bands, neckerchief, hair accessory, shawls, etc. Suitable to use in all seasons and easy to pair with any outfit.
Parisian clichés silk scarf fabric is super soft, very lightweight, and smooth. It not only fits for everyday use but also fits for parties, weddings, traveling, ceremonies and any important events, an exquisite gift for women and girls. This lightweight silk scarf is suitable for any occasion, whether in the office, attending a wedding, party, travel, casual, or daily life etc. Do not think anymore and buy it now!

Premium Fabric: This silk scarf is made of 8mm 100% silk fabric, and combines all the benefits of the twill weave with the natural strength of silk.

Usage: This scarf can be worn as a flight attendant scarf, chic necktie, hair scarf, head belt, hat decoration, hand band, wrist band, etc.

Occasion: It not only fits for everyday use but also fits for parties, weddings, traveling, ceremonies and any important events.


Made from luxurious 11 mm 100% silk

Size: 90x90 cm (50 X 50 in)

Care Instructions

Dry clean only


Your silk scarf is printed especially for you after you place your order, so please allow 15-20 days of handling. Delivery takes 6-12 days depending on your location. Learn more about our shipping policy.

Giving back

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Meditation meets art

Silk's soft, smooth texture is soothing and calming. Focusing on the tactile sensations helps quiet the mind and relax the body. Over time, your silk scarf can become an anchor that immediately shifts you into a meditative state. Simply looking at or thinking about your silk scarf and its art can trigger feelings of calmness and inner peace.

Moreover, our products come with a ritual: an initiation into your deepest connection with your new piece and part of your personal practice.

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