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Minimal Caryatids Art print | èvaco art - Meditation through art

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The artwork: Caryatids

This minimal Caryatids art print is a piece of the original work Caryatids by Evi Michailidou, available at èvaco art. It carries the weight of History, art, and design, which makes it truly unique.

This is a loose abstract representation of the Caryatids of the ancient temple of Erechtheion in the Acropolis. The artist’s expressive lines freed the column-like priestesses from their structure, turning them into a floating almost bunch of women, lightly and cheerfully going about, while still supporting the whole structure on their heads. It’s a statement of the duality of obligation and the freedom to have fun, and how they’re not mutually exclusive.

“My caryatids seem freer, a group of girlfriends on a walk, telling jokes and making up nicknames for people they want to gossip about. There’s something looser, lighter, more childlike, and carefree that came out of my hand, possibly from a personal need or nostalgia.” says the artist


The fine art print

Our mindfulness art prints will be a nice choice for your cozy, quiet room. This giclée art print is stylish, attractive and suitable for any contemporary and modern home interior decoration purpose. With the art print's paper weight and strong texture, the art print gets a handmade crafted feel.

The museum-quality paper and giclée printing method make these mindfulness art prints completely different from other art prints. It will appear to float off the wall surface and perfectly fit above a sofa, a couch or a bed, on top of the fireplace or just on any other empty wall, to brighten your room. Don't think too much and quickly add this to your collection today!

PERFECT SIZE: 25X30cm (10X12in), Breathe personality and life into the walls of your home with beautiful pieces of wall art.

HIGH-QUALITY: The high-quality textured paper enables it to hold more ink and capture the light. 

WALL DECOR: Great for bathroom wall art, perfect aesthetic decor for bedrooms, living rooms, dens, or offices.

AMAZING GIFT: Perfect for any birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or office/housewarming gift.


Your art print is printed especially for you after you place your order, so please allow 48 jours to dispatch. Delivery takes 3-10 days depending on your location. Learn more about our shipping policy.

Giving back

After your purchase, we'll let you know who or what cause you've supported each time with a minimum of 10% of your purchase. Together we support environmental, culture, art, feminist causes and more.

Carbon neutral

Our art print suppliers are 100% carbon neutral. On our end we offset our carbon emissions too, not only by subscribing to carbon removal services, but also by planting trees ourselves. Although, our priority is to use less energy and create less waste, rather than focusing on "damage control".

Meditation ritual

You may see an art print, but there's a meditation inside it. We combine the theme of your print, to mindfulness exercises, breathing techniques, and visualisations to create a unique guided meditation for your prctice.

The artist, Evi Michailidou, explains "I love creting images with a story, and through the meditation rituals I'm not just telling it to you, but I let you in on a secret, one that you will share with your piece from now on..."