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Marie-Antoinette silk scarf - Unique Scarves Designs | èvaco art

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The artwork: Marie-Antoinette's bedroom

This queen of France was losing her head over cake and diamond necklaces and then she indeed lost it. Marie-Antoinette’s story gets sadder and sadder the more one thinks of how unfair was to ask 14-year-olds to hold alliances in their wombs, 20-year-olds to rein, and queens to not be opulent, especially when they were never brought up with this much expectation or ambition. Marie-Antoinette went from being the most hated French queen to being the most famous queen in the world. Extravagance, scandals, unjust rumors, and a tragic end, her life has everything a good novel needs and that’s why it fascinates so many people, so many years ago.

“From all Versailles, I felt most captivated in Marie-Antoinette’s bedroom. The fabrics and the color palette were so inspiring and romantic. I wished I could be in the room alone and meditate” the artist says and she continues “a luxury even the queen often didn’t have because of the etiquette that demanded so much of her life to be public. Suffocating…”

This Marie-Antoinette silk scarf is a piece of the original work Marie-Antoinette bedroom by Evi Michailidou, available at èvaco art. It carries the weight of History, art, and design, which along with the secret meditation it contains makes it truly unique.

The silk scarf

This Marie-Antoinette silk scarf is large enough to wrap hair for sleeping at night, and as a headband during the day. This lightweight silk scarf is suitable for any occasion, whether in the office, attending a wedding, party, or travel. It can be used as a head wrap, beach scarf, neck scarf, necktie, headdress, hand bands, wrist bands, waistbands, hat bands, neckerchief, hair accessory, shawls, etc. Suitable to use in all seasons and easy to pair with any outfit.

This silk scarf can stop wind and dust, and shade sunshine. Sunscreen in summer, and keep warm in winter. To tie up as a fashion crop top or shirt. Make a cloth bag to pack things. Put it on the sofa pillow to protect curly hair. Purses, handbags, hats and clothing are fashionable accessories. Hurry Up, because the deal ends when we are out of stock! 


  • Size: 90X90cm (50 x 50 inches) square in size.
  • Our unique scarf designs have vibrant colors, luxury, gentle on hair and skin, cool in summer, warm in winter, for all seasons.
  • This silk scarf is made of 8mm 100% silk 


    Made from luxurious 12 mm 100% silk charmeuse

    Finished with a machine-rolled baby hem in your choice of 4 thread colors

    Digitally printed with permanent reactive inks

    Size: 90x90 cm (50 X 50 in)

    Care Instructions

    Dry clean only


    Your silk scarf is printed especially for you after you place your order, so please allow 15-20 days of handling. Delivery takes 6-12 days depending on your location. Learn more about our shipping policy.

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    silk scarf as a ritual - meditation with a silk scarf - evaco art

    Meditation through art

    You may see a scarf, but there's a meditation inside it. A word of the meditation’s “benefit” and theme. How to meditate in silk