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Spiritual meditation art prints - Parisian Clichès Art print | èvaco art

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The artwork: Parisian clichés 

The Parisian woman is elegant. extremely slim. confident. she always looks effortlessly gorgeous. 

If you’re not the Parisian woman, you want to be like her. But made up of true stories, clichés, and exagérations, nobody is sure if this mythical creature ever existed. Some claim to have seen her in a museum. She was looking bored, even though she loves it there. She was wearing a silk scarf. Just like this one…

This mandala silk scarf is based on the design of the Notre dame rose window. In the place of the stained glass, the artist Evi Michailidou has added clichés and stereotypes of the modern Parisian woman. 

“I filled this mandala-like design with tiny images of the clichés we all know about la Parisienne and took the whole shape out of Notre Dame’s rose window, and to me, the result is a quintessentially Parisian symbol, rid of the glittery touristic Eiffel tower representations that I’m so over with.” says the artist

The fine art print

These spiritual meditation art prints fit the standard frame size of a 30X42cm (11.7" x 16.5" inch) frame. The side margins are left blank so no matting is necessary. This room decor wall art likes fresh air in the country, brightens your home and relaxes your mood. It only takes a few minutes to decorate your house perfectly.

This painting for the bedroom is an excellent addition to your kitchen, dining room and coffee bar wall decor. It’s a great Christmas birthday gift idea for your parents, boyfriend, girlfriend, son, daughter etc. Our giftable room decor makes the perfect addition to any environment for any occasion. Add one of our spiritual meditation art prints to your cart now before they're sold out!


  • This stunning decor is an aesthetic poster for any living space.
  • Perfectly fit above a sofa, a couch or a bed.
  • Parisienne Clichès Art print is based on the design of the Notre dame rose window. In the place of the stained glass, the artist Evi Michailidou has added clichés and stereotypes of the modern Parisian woman.
  • Our spiritual meditation art prints include a secret meditation for your personal practice.


Your art print is printed especially for you after you place your order, so please allow 48 jours to dispatch. Delivery takes 3-10 days depending on your location. Learn more about our shipping policy.

Giving back

After your purchase, we'll let you know who or what cause you've supported each time with a minimum of 10% of your purchase. Together we support environmental, culture, art, feminist causes and more.

Carbon neutral

Our art print suppliers are 100% carbon neutral. On our end we offset our carbon emissions too, not only by subscribing to carbon removal services, but also by planting trees ourselves. Although, our priority is to use less energy and create less waste, rather than focusing on "damage control".

Meditation ritual

You may see an art print, but there's a meditation inside it. We combine the theme of your print, to mindfulness exercises, breathing techniques, and visualisations to create a unique guided meditation for your prctice.

The artist, Evi Michailidou, explains "I love creting images with a story, and through the meditation rituals I'm not just telling it to you, but I let you in on a secret, one that you will share with your piece from now on..."