Welcome to your new francophile mindfulness place! You'll find plenty of content and some products to create an immersive experence, let fo of your worries, and be at your happy place. Now, let me take you to Paris (even mentally)!

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Content, and journal for a calmer daily life, inspired by French, Art, Music, and Mindfulness, for our inner children, applicable to our real children.


Little me à Paris Magazine is designed to be a monthly ritual supported by multimedia content your own energy. A meditative and immersive experience around Paris or whatever your happy place is.

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francophile mindfulness journal for calmer daily life- little me à paris

Francophile mindfulness journal

A francophile mindfulness journal for a calmer daily life, that can be used both by children and grownups. It gives simple daily prompts that can be answered in one line or three pages. 

Art, mindfulness, meditation, parenting (your inner or your actual child). In an overly complicated world, the idea is to simplify our tactics the same way we would, if we’d talk to a child. Simpler but not like it can’t understand. Just remove the fluff.

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for calmer daily life - francophile mindfulness - little me à paris journal


Our newsletter is a place of mindfulness, art, and meditation, but most importantly, in a less public space, as social media are, we can create more meaningful connections and actually meet each other. It’s the perfect way to complement your journaling experience and get another step closer to Paris.