Make your virtual trip as lively as possible by adding triggers to your physical senses. Our suggestions include:

Listen to music

Taste a croissant here's a guide on how to choose good quality croissan, a croissant expert to follow, and 44 fascinating facts about croussant. Earing something that reminds you of a place has the added benefit to include taste, smell, touch and overall being a pleasure, so please enjoy!

Smell some Chanel n.5 and watch this immersive video about its history

Watch a French or french-themed movie. The seventh art has a special way to make us "feel the feelings" and it doesn't matter if it's not with our physical senses because laughter, goosebumps, tears, are physical manifestations. If you're watching with a little one, here's a list of children friendly french movies.And here are some of my personal favorites (not all appropriate for kids): Ballerina, Midnight in Paris, Before sunset, Mon roi (especially adore the last two!)

A francophile mindfulness journal for a calmer daily life


Our newsletter is a place of mindfulness, art, and meditation, but most importantly, in a less public space, as social media are, we can create more meaningful connections and actually meet each other. It’s the perfect way to complement your journaling experience and get another step closer to Paris.