Welcome to your new francophile mindfulness journal! You'll find plenty of bonuses to aid you in creating an immersive experence, but my true hope is that you'll love your journal on its own. Watch the video below to find all you need to know about your Little me à Paris journal. Let's begin.

Journal overview

Content, and journal for a calmer daily life, inspired by French, Art, Music, and Mindfulness, for our inner children, applicable to our real children.

Always pick up where you've left

Start by downloading and creating your own bookmarkto always know where you are in your journal and remember to take things one day at a time!

Download your bookmark
little me a paris - francophile mindfulness for inner or actual children

Take a breath

To pair the guided text on the first pages of your journal, I've created a short guided audio to center you and calm your nerves. You can simply memorize the instructions and take deep yogic breaths on your own, or use the audio as frequent as you'd like (even twice a day).

Guided yogic breathing audio
francophile mindfulness for inner or actual children -little me a paris

Plan your trip

I hadn't been in Paris for 12 years when I was planning my latest trip and, naturally I wanted to go, see, do everything the city offers. Of course, I didn't manage to do half of my itenery, but of you're going for the virtual trip, you might be able to do far more!

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A francophile mindfulness journal for a calmer daily life


Our newsletter is a place of mindfulness, art, and meditation, but most importantly, in a less public space, as social media are, we can create more meaningful connections and actually meet each other. It’s the perfect way to complement your journaling experience and get another step closer to Paris.