Artist Evi Michailidou

Evi Michailidou is the creative force behind èvaco. Drawing inspiration from the vastness of self and its place in the environment, Evi creates art, meditation, silk scarves, and more.

"I aspire the pieces that come out of my hands to give a sense of self rid of egocentrism and pride. To "speak" for themselves and be a personal experience for the viewer, a meditation that may include "ideas", "intellect", and "deeper" explanations, but in essence, naked, exists only as true, pure emotion."

Evi Michailidou artist èvaco art


Evi Michailidou is an artist and a yoga instructor. She finds her influences in the vastness of self and its place in the world.

Having worked as a makeup artist for 12 years, Evi quickly learned to remove herself from her art, making it all about the person wearing it, owning it.

She keeps the same approach at Évaco whether she creates silk scarves, art prints, journals, or commissions.

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