Our true power always comes from within and no tools or accessories are necessary to reach it. That said, humans have always used rituals and items of spirituality, their connection to gods, to their higher selves, their connection to other people. We’ve always assigned a special meaning, a purpose, to objects making them a reminder and a symbol.

This is why at Évaco each of our products comes with a ritual as an initiation, as your deepest connection with your new piece, as a part of your personal practice.

  • We care

    When buying from us you not only support an artist and a small business, but also worthwhile causes around the world.

  • Giving back

    We are against seasonal interest, so we’re donating 10% of each piece in our shop to causes all year long, not just on Christmas.

  • Causes collections

    Our causes collections offer products that act as fundraisers, donating from 50% to 100% of the profits.

We’re far from perfect and our standards are high, but we commit to make the best choices in our abilities.

About the artist

Evi Michailidou is creating abstract art in mixed media from paint, thread, plaster, or words and poetry. She finds her influences in the vastness of self and its place in the world and expresses them in gestural painting and calm meditative strokes often in the same piece.

Having worked as a makeup artist for 12 years, and even more so after her yoga teacher training, Evi quickly learned how to remove herself from her art and make it all about the person wearing it, owning it.

She’s keeping the same approach at Évaco, whether she’s creating silk scarves, guided meditation retreats, art prints, or commission pieces.