About the magazine

Hello, my name is Evi, short for Paraskevi which in Greek means Friday. It also means to make, to create, to produce even. So I’m making stuff and in this case, I’ve created a magazine.

As with many creative endeavors, putting this magazine together came out of an egocentric need for a soul retreat. A need to feel more child-like every day if possible. And while doing so, document and share it. This wouldn’t be my product, my job, my title, this would be just me, ideally little me, in my happy place.

“Little me à Paris” isn’t a new idea for me. I’ve already launched a journal under this name connecting mindfulness, creativity, and my love for Paris and all things French. But it doesn’t always have to be francophile, only talking about France, Parisians, and “the French way”, although these subjects won’t be excluded from the magazine’s contents.

Despite it being an idea brewing in my head for a while, I didn’t know what was the best format to deliver the content, or rather tell the stories I want. I’ve been flirting with the form of a magazine since I first had any kind of online presence, in 2009. Even though back then the material was very different, as I was very different, the idea of creating a magazine again excites and energizes me. It will be a one-woman show for a while, and maybe for its whole lifetime, but this will make it cute, intimate, imperfect, cozy, exactly the way I want to feel.

I had a hard time putting out this kind of content in a way that would make sense with the business I’m trying to create, how the two would connect and in which ways they’d stay apart. On my site’s blog, you’ll find content relevant to the products, the collections, and some behind the scenes. While the magazine is a class manual for a ‘class’ I’m taking myself and the notebook, the journal about the lessons at the same time. Of course, there will be mentions of my products as these are a big part of what I’m creating, but ‘Little me à Paris’ is not about the products.

I’m giving myself a year with this project. Maybe it will live longer than that, maybe I’ll struggle to follow. It feels rejuvenating like we’re back to early 2000s and I’m creating a blog for the first time. I’m doing it for me and whoever happens to find it. Like you!

Thank you for being here, I’ll see you on the next one.