Little me à Paris

Art, mindfulness, meditation, parenting (your inner or your actual child). In an overly complicated world, the idea is to simplify our tactics the same way we would, if we’d talk to a child. Simpler but not like it can’t understand. Just remove the fluff.


little me à Paris - Francophile mindfulness made for inner and actual children 

What we do

Content, and journal for a calmer daily life, inspired by French, Art, Music, and Mindfulness, for our inner children, applicable to our real children.


Who makes this

Hi! I am Evi Michailidou an artist and technically a yoga instructor, though I prefer to focus on mindfulness rather than yoga as we know it in the western world. I created this journal and content as a combination of the things I love and I believe you love too. Let me take you to Paris (even mentally)!

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  • Journal

    A francophile mindfulness journal for a calmer daily life, that can be used both by children and grownups. It gives simple daily prompts that can be answered in one line or three pages.

  • Content

    We create through francophile mindfulness videos, images, articles and products to go with them, as a meditative and immersive experience around Paris or whatever your happy place is.

  • Newsletter

    Our newsletter is a place of mindfulness, art, and meditation, but most importantly, in a less public space, as social media are, we can create more meaningful connections and actually meet each other.