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Something breaks. And it not only is too precious to throw away, but it’s also too dear to be identified as broken. Welcome to a kintsugi meditation, where we'll explore how an ancient pottery repairing technique, can prompt us to heal ourselves and see our "cracks" and imperfections from a different perspective.

In this guided meditation, we’ll explore the poetry of kintsugi as a practice, as an act of self-care. It’s a symbolic act to celebrate the perfection of imperfection, see the beauty of any scars (emotional or physical), and give mistakes and past hurts the chance to become reminders of our history and while they’re there, let them decorate us rather than make us feel broken.

“Find out how to embrace your emotional scars and make them beautiful. They are proof that you have suffered; let them remind you that you are strong,” -Tomás Navarro

By giving a second chance in life to a piece of ceramics, we’re reminded we can always do the same for ourselves, even make art out of it. Even look spectacular while doing it.

Kintsugi meditation

We’ll now make a quick, symbolic portrait of our brokenness, what makes us feel broken, what we consider a flaw in, and on ourselves. The self-portrait doesn’t have to be realistic, accurate, or even beautiful. The whole point of kintsugi is imperfection.  Your portrait just needs to be expressive, personal, and satisfying. You can decorate with golden lines a doodle, a photo, or even your actual face using face paint. In order to identify which parts of you, on the inside or out, feel broken, I’m guiding you through a short visualization.

“Your cracks can become the most beautiful part of you” - Candice Kumai “Kintsugi Wellness”

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