Illustrated meditation letters

Illustrated meditation letters

In the illustrated meditation letters, you'll find guided meditation scripts, stories, or relaxing and immersive prompts for mindfulness, with artworks that are actively part of the meditation, they complement and complete it.

As much as I love and appreciate technology, there’s a joy, a special feeling of nostalgia in receiving and sending snail mail, happy mail, or however you want to call letters. In reading from something that doesn’t need to be charged, something that someone else personalized for you.

For this meditation, you don't have to be "in a quiet place where you won't be disturbed", (actually if people see you reading, it's more likely they'll leave you alone! ;) You don't have to sit in a lotus pose, or close your eyes. You could be at the office, on the commute, in your kitchen, still in bed, or in the bathroom!



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