How to give yourself a hug meditation | èvaco art

It’s a common secret that loving and accepting ourselves is the beginning to leading a happier, calmer life. If you need proof of that, I’ve found in a few articles reasons to hug yourself, and here are the 9 that stood out to me the most:

It can help you feel safety

It's self-soothing

It can help relieve pain

It relieves feelings of anxiety

It connects you positively with your body

It can increase self-compassion

It encourages self-esteem

It's a free and easy way to express self-care

It's empowering to comfort ourselves

These are the articles I read, and they could direct you to researches, on, on, and on If you don’t need proof or further information, all you have to do is give it a try, and teach someone you love to do it too. Follow the hug yourself meditation to practice right now. 

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