Evi X Nuud care

Evi X Nuud care

Evi x Nuud care with meditation letters

I’ve partnered with nuud care to create 55 limited edition packages that include my meditation letters. But let’s take things from the beginning. Nuud is a natural deodorant company,, which is actually anti-odorant, because it prevents smells from happening, instead of covering them. Among the reasons I love the product are:

  • It's vegan & cruelty-free, which has been a must on my checklist.

  • It's an all-natural anti-odorant, meaning it doesn't cover the smell, but prevents the smell from happening

  • It doesn't clog the pores, or stop the sweat, it just neutralizes the bacteria that make sweat stinky.

  • It's effective for 3 days on my body because its natural oils won't wash away while showering or sweating.

  • It's packaged plastic-free on a sugar-cane tube, cardboard box, and an (easily reusable) elastic.

  • It doesn't discriminate armpits - works as well on hairy or shaved skin.

  • Its ingredients won't be absorbed by the body, instead, they stay on the skin's surface.

  • It carries my meditation letters!!

evi X nuud care - meditation letters - evaco.art

This brings me to the next point. A meditation letter is a meditation that you read. A meditation script combined with a painting on a piece of paper, to give you both the nostalgic vintage feelings of the letter, and the benefits of meditation.

What makes this collaboration unique, is that you both get your regular supply of nuud (or you get to try it) and you get a very special meditation letter. I already create meditation letters for my subscription, but these are quite exclusive for a few reasons:

  • I’ve used my favorite paper to paint on, cotton hand-made in India khadi 150gr.

  • They are prints, but hand-finished which makes them all unique, and not one is the same as the other.

  • They are signed and numbered, which basically is my word that I won’t create any more of these particular letters, and that adds to the exclusivity.

  • Each letter has a QR code printed on, that will bring you to an exclusive guided meditation in video form.

  • One of the 55 letters is the original one! It’s numbered 22/55. Could it be yours?

  • I actually wrote the meditation on all 55 letters by hand, something I don’t normally do. And yes this makes it extra special!

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