11 Ways to Use Silk Scarves in Meditation

Here are some ideas for using silk scarves during meditation to enhance focus, provide warmth and comfort, apply gentle pressure, expose the wearer to aromatherapy, and give the mind an anchor point to return to when distracted.

  1. As a blindfold to block out visual distractions. The soft, smooth silk provides gentle pressure on the eyelids which can be calming.
  2. As a wrap or shawl to provide warmth which helps the body relax. The light, breathable silk scarf will not overheat the body during meditation.
  3. Holding the silk scarf in the hands can provide a focal point for the mind and senses. The texture of the silk gives the mind an anchor to return to when it wanders.
  4. Wrapping the silk scarf around the head like a headband or turban provides gentle pressure on the forehead and scalp which many find soothing for meditation.
  5. Using essential oils on the silk scarf and then tying it around the head exposes the wearer to the aroma of the oils which can enhance the meditative experience. (use this tip with causion to avoid ruining your silk scarf!)

  1. Visualizing the colors and patterns on the silk scarf with eyes closed can be a meditation technique in itself. Focusing the mind on the visual details of the scarf leads to a meditative state.
  2. Tying a silk scarf around a meditation cushion, mat or bench provides a soft surface for the hands to rest on. The smooth silk texture is soothing and calming.
  3. Placing a silk scarf over a meditation altar, statue or other focal point provides an attractive covering. The silk scarf can enhance the meditative atmosphere.
  4. Winding a silk scarf around the wrists or ankles provides acupressure to those areas. The gentle pressure from the silk scarf may help stimulate energy flow.
  5. Spreading a silk scarf on the floor and walking barefoot on it provides a unique tactile experience for the feet. Focusing the mind on the sensation of walking on silk can induce a meditative state.
  6. Burying the face in the silk scarf and taking deep breaths of the fabric introduces the sensation of touch and smell which helps quiet the mind.

In summary, silk scarves can be used in a wide variety of ways during meditation to stimulate the senses, provide comfort and support, enhance focus, and create an attractive meditative space. Exploring different ways of incorporating silk scarves into your meditation practice can lead to new discoveries and help deepen your meditative experience. Furthermore, silk can make you feel safe, and that's more than a romantic and cute effect. Click here to learn how to protect your energy with silk scarves. 

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